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Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe Discusses What’s Next After R1T And R1S

After a turbulent 2022, Rivian appears to have overcome an abundance of production obstacles and is seemingly on track to build 50,000 EVs this year. But what’s next for the startup? Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe recently discussed the automaker’s “Master Plan” with YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

There’s no doubt that Rivian’s two current models, the R1T truck and R1S SUV, are luxury vehicles. With starting prices of $73,000 and $78,000 respectively, they are not ludicrously expensive but still aren’t accessible for the masses. That said, Rivian plans to offer more affordable off-roaders in the near future.

Starting off with high-end vehicles and gradually offering cheaper options seems to be the best tactic for most automotive startups. As economies of scale increase, prices can come down. That’s the model Tesla followed, after all.

During the interview with Brownlee, Scaringe gave more insight into what’s next for Rivian: the R2 lineup. Logically, the R2 vehicles will sit below the larger R1T and R1S. They will therefore be lower in price, but might not necessarily have all the luxury features the R1 vehicles have (such as full leather interiors, door-mounted flashlights and 22-speaker Meridian sound systems). And while Scaringe did not specify anything, we predict the R2 lineup will encompass a crossover and Ford Maverick-sized pickup.

The R2 vehicles will also be key for Rivian’s European plans. While SUVs similar in size to the R1S sell in decent numbers across the pond, large pickup trucks do not. Hence entering the European market with a crossover and a small pickup makes a lot of sense. And although Rivian has kept quiet any European plans, an expansion across the Atlantic seems inevitable. After all, the automaker recently posted a job listing for a Service Center Manager in Berlin, Germany.

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