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See Tesla’s Massive Giga Mexico Site: Recent Video And Images Shared

You may have seen Tesla’s rendering of its upcoming Giga Mexico factory, which we’ve shared again above. However, for what appears to be the first time to date, video footage of the colossal site has been shared on social media, and not just by a random passerby.

As reported by Teslarati, Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard posted a video on Twitter giving an exclusive look at the area where Tesla will reportedly begin building its massive new electric car factory in the near future. Ebrard’s Twitter account has a gray checkmark, a flag, and a descriptor that reads (translated), “Government representative of Mexico.”

The video is less than a minute long, and the accompanying text is in Spanish. It translates to, “Panoramic view of the property where Tesla will build the automotive plant with the lowest water consumption in the world.” However, just so people know what they’re supposed to be looking at, Ebrard speaks briefly in English about the location and the video footage while he’s filming.


While the Tesla factory in Mexico is set to be monumental in size, Ebrard notes that it will be the automotive plant that will consume the least amount of water among all automotive factories globally. Tesla has already run into many issues in Germany related to fears of water consumption and contamination brought to light by environmentalists, politicians, and local citizens.

In order for Tesla to move forward at Giga Berlin in Germany, it has promised to reuse water, which it will save and prepare itself. The company has actually gone so far as to say that even amid factory expansion, its freshwater needs at the factory won’t rise.

Tesla currently only produces every model in its lineup at its original factory in Fremont, California. It opened a second factory in China a few years back, which has become its global export hub, currently producing the Model 3 and Model Y. Meanwhile, the US EV maker is ramping up its two newest factories in Texas and Germany. Both are solely focused on the Model Y, at least temporarily.

Fast forward to the present and the future, and Tesla will soon begin building Giga Mexico while actively scouting for another location to begin work on yet another new factory to be built around the same time. The focus on a new factory in North America makes sense due to the US government’s tax credit rules on materials sourcing. However, Tesla has reportedly long been considering another global factory site in addition to its North American plans.

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