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See What It’s Like Delivering Packages In The Rivian-Made Amazon Van At Night

The Rivian Electric Delivery Van (EDV) that’s made exclusively for Amazon is starting to become a regular appearance on American roads, so there are more and more people out there who are documenting their experience driving the zero-emissions van in all kinds of scenarios.

Previous videos mostly discussed just how much quieter the Rivian van is compared to diesel or gasoline delivery vehicles and the video embedded above demonstrates this as well, but it mainly concentrates on the experience of delivering packages after the sun has set.

Published on the Laos House YouTube channel a couple of days ago, the POV recording documents how an Amazon driver manages to deliver up to 150 packages in a single day, which sometimes means working until 9-10 in the afternoon.

And it looks like the Rivian team included some nice after-dark features for the drivers of its EDV, which may not seem like much but actually make life easier.

For starters, there’s a night mode for the two interior displays, which acts similar to the dark mode on your smartphone, replacing the bright backgrounds with darker colors so that the driver isn’t blinded by the light. However, this doesn’t seem to happen automatically, as the YouTuber in the video above manually selected the night mode.

Then, the van’s exterior and interior lights come on when the driver (who has the key) approaches it after a delivery, which is quite a nice display and seems to provide a higher sense of security when getting inside.

Another safety feature is the massive wraparound tail lights, which make the van visible at night from a distance and should minimize the risk of someone rear-ending it.

At the beginning of April, Amazon announced that its fleet of Rivian-made electric delivery vans was up to 3,000 units, which is triple the number of EDVs reported in November 2022. Just in February, Rivian vans were used to deliver over 10 million packages across America, which is pretty impressive, but it’s worth noting that this is just the tip of the iceberg, considering the two companies have an agreement to put no less than 100,000 EDVs on the road by 2030.

As always, we’d like to know what you think about the video embedded at the top of the article, so head over to the comments section below to give us your thoughts.

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