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Take A Look At Cipollini’s New Fybra GX Gravel E-Bike

Italian bicycle label Cipollini is known as a performance-oriented boutique bike brand. Founded by pro cyclist Mario Cipollini, the brand has a new electric gravel bike, marking its second foray into the world of electrified bicycles. It’s called the Fybra GX, and if you’re able to stomach the bike’s $16,300 price tag, you could get yourself a thoroughly fancy electric gravel machine. 

As mentioned earlier, the Fybra is Cipollini’s second electric bike following the Flusso electric road bike. Offered in two variants, cyclists with tons of cash burning a huge hole in their lycra can opt for either the GX gravel variant or the R road variant. Apart from the wheels and drive components, the two versions are built pretty much the same. For starters, the Fybra incorporates what Cipollini calls the HiRide AR 1.5 suspension. With a teeny weeny 18 millimeters of travel, this should be enough to soak up road imperfections and small ruts on gravel paths. 

Cipollini states that the carbon fiber fork found on the Fybra GX is designed to accommodate “off-road discs.” I guess this means that you can mount 160 to 180-millimeter rotors found on most gravel and mountain bikes, as opposed to the smaller 140-millimeter rotors found on most road bikes. On top of all that, the Fybra GX is equipped with a wireless RockShox Reverb AX dropped post that lets you lower the saddle with the push of a button. That is, if you’re feeling frisky enough to bomb down technical descents aboard an e-bike that costs more than a small car. 

On the technology side of the equation, the Cipollini keeps things Italian, with a powertrain from a brand with a rhyming name. The Fybra is rocking Polini’s EP3+ EVO motor, the aftermarket scooter specialist’s top-range electric motor. The rider gets to keep tabs on pertinent ride data thanks to an integrated full color power display, too. What’s more is that the Fybra is equipped with theft-protection – something that will certainly come in handy given the bike’s massive price tag. It’s integrated neatly into the frame, and consists of a GPS tracker that can be connected to your smartphone.

Last but not least, the Fybra is rocking integrated lights at the front and rear that draw power from the bike’s battery. As for range? Well, it has a 500-watt-hour battery pack that Cipollini claims is good for up to 220 kilometers, or about 138 miles on a single charge.

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