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Tesla Lowers Price Of 3-Row Model Y By $1,000

Tesla’s price cuts continue, though this time the reduction only applies to an “extra.” The US EV maker quietly dropped the price of adding the Model Y’s optional third-row seats to $3,000.

When Tesla first revealed the Model Y, one feature of emphasis was its available third row. This was because, at the time, the pricey Tesla Model X was the only EV on the US market with three rows of seats for up to seven people. Since then, few three-row EVs have come to market, making the Model Y unique, especially considering its price. At this point, aside from its larger sibling, the only real rival is the expensive Rivian R1S, though that stands to change soon.

When we finally got a chance to see the Model Y’s third-row seats, we weren’t that impressed, and that seemed to be the case for many folks. The third row is tiny. While it might be a welcome option for families with small children, it’s not suitable for adults, and using car seats back there can also be an issue.

At any rate, in order to get the third row in the Model Y, you had to pay an additional $4,000. This, on top of an already very pricey EV when compared to its similar sedan sibling, the Tesla Model 3. However, Tesla has reduced the price of the Model Y on a number of occasions over the last several months.

Currently, the Model Y starts at $46,990. That gets you the “Standard Range” all-wheel-drive version, with 279 miles of EPA-estimated range and a 5-second zero-to-60 mph time. Sadly, you can’t add the third row to this model. Instead, you have to choose the $49,990 Model Y Long Range. It has 330 miles of range and is marginally quicker than the latter version. 

Getting into a three-row seven-seat Model Y Long Range will set you back at least $54,630 before taxes and any incentives you might qualify for. This model has white paint and a black synthetic leather interior. Different paint colors and Tesla’s white interior cost extra.

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