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Tesla Model Y Was Europe’s Bestselling Car In Q1 2023

History is happening before our eyes as an electric car – the Tesla Model Y – has become the best-selling car overall in Europe during the first quarter of 2023.

The manufacturer announced that the Tesla Model Y was #1 in Q1 in Europe, by way of its Q1 financial report, which revealed also that Tesla’s market share exceeded 2 percent (compared to nearly 4 percent in the United States/Canada and 2 percent in China).

This is a monumental achievement (built upon several occasions when Tesla’s EVs were the best-selling in particular months).

We remember Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s words from the past that he expects that the Tesla Model Y will not only be the best-selling Tesla car but also the best-selling car overall, globally (aside from the recent hints of the upcoming, next-generation, mass market model).


According to Dataforce‘s preliminary data (via Automotive News Europe), the Tesla Model Y sales in Europe more than doubled year-over-year in Q1 2023, after the company applied price reductions and increased local production in Germany. In total, more than 66,600 were sold during the period, which allowed it to outpace the Dacia Sandero (56,030).

Data represents 92 percent of sales in the European Union plus ETFA countries and the United Kingdom.

The Tesla Model Y was the best-selling model in February (18,153), but the highest volume was moved in March – more than 40,000 units.

We recently saw that the Model Y outpaced its EV competitors in most of the continent, including inGermany, France, Norway, Spain, and the UK.

There is a strong expectation that Tesla will continue to increase production and sales of the Model Y around the world. Specifically, in Europe, production should double from over 5,000 units per week to 10,000 units per week (40,000 per month). Production will also increase in the US, where the Giga Texas plant is ramping-up production, in parallel to the Fremont factory. Let’s stay tuned for more records.

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