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Tesla Wins Best Overall Luxury Brand Again, Kelley Blue Book

While it may come as a surprise to some people, Tesla was awarded “Best Overall Luxury Brand” by the automotive research website Kelley Blue Book. The award came as part of the website’s 2023 Brand Image Awards, and it is the fourth consecutive time Tesla has earned the award.

Tesla may not be a luxury automaker in the traditional sense. Moreover, it may not be the most recognized brand when it comes to luxury vehicles. When people mention electric vehicles, you’d better bet Tesla comes to mind. However, when you think of a luxury automaker, perhaps Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi come to mind.

At any rate, Kelley Blue Book makes it clear that it’s not as important that people know the brand exists, but rather, that it creates excitement and gets the attention of car shoppers. Tesla’s vehicles may not be as upscale and high-quality inside as their German luxury rivals, but the EVs arguably work to get your attention.

Kelley Blue Book also added a new award this year entitled “Best Overall EV Brand,” and you can probably guess which brand took the win for the first time. Tesla was not only the top dog for all luxury cars and all EVs, but also in some other luxury-based categories.

According to data from Kelley Blue Book’s Brand Watch Study, Tesla was the winner of the award for “Best Value Luxury Brand.” Again, some folks may disagree, since people see EVs as pricey. However, if you look at what you get for the starting price of a Tesla in terms of technology and features, compared to other pricey luxury cars, it makes more sense.

Many high-end luxury cars have loads of options that drive up the price, but Tesla’s models essentially come fully loaded in base form. Not to mention performance. Even Tesla’s entry-level electric cars can offer more exhilarating performance than more expensive gas and electric luxury rivals. To no surprise, Tesla also won KBB’s “Best Performance Luxury Brand” award.

Perhaps the most interesting of KBB’s 2023 awards is Tesla’s win for the “Most Refined Luxury Brand.” Many car lovers will race to tell you that Tesla’s vehicles aren’t nearly as refined as most cars on the market, but it really depends on their definition of “refined.”

KBB notes that the US EV maker’s cars appear “clean and elegant inside and out.” They’ve also paved the way for at least some of the interior design and technology choices that many automakers are now using for current and future models.

What’s your take on Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts on the awards, and which brand you would have picked instead of Tesla. Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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