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Tesla’s Ford F-150 Lightning-Style Frunk Revealed In Cybertruck Photo

There are still many details about the Tesla Cybertruck that aren’t clear, and one such piece of information relates to its frunk opening. Fortunately, we have Tesla fans, owners, and investors taking the time to glean new details and provide spy shots and drone flyovers to make more information available. Based on a new photo, it appears the Cybertruck’s frunk opening debate may be solved.

As you may remember, avid Tesla owner investor Matthew Donegan-Ryan recently shared loads of new details about the Cybertruck, which he got from Tesla team members and executives at the EV maker’s recent Investor Day event. While we have no way of knowing if all of his discoveries will become realities, it’s nice to have more information to toss around.

That said, Donegan-Ryan revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck’s frunk will open much like the Ford F-150 Lightning’s frunk. Instead of just a lid-style opening, most of the front end also comes up, revealing a much bigger and more practical opening and space for loading. It makes more sense if you see it in action. Check it out below:


As you can see, there was some debate involved. We followed the situation on social media and in online forums, and it seemed there were two completely different ideas about the Cybertruck’s frunk opening. Moreover, as expected, people on both sides claimed to have reasons why their information was correct.

While we won’t have official confirmation until Tesla reveals the details, we now have an image of a reported Cybertruck production beta that reveals the frunk opening, all thanks to Greggertruck on Twitter.


It’s not a closeup, and it’s somewhat blurry, but it’s clear enough to say without reservation that it opens much like the F-150 Lightning’s frunk. If this is the final design, it will also be interesting to learn whether the cheapest Cybertruck will have it powered, and what the frunk will be like on the inside. Will it have compartments, is it watertight with drainplugs, with there be any other special features, etc?

In response to Greggertruck’s post, Mike – shared a photoshop of how the Cybertruck may look with the frunk, complete with Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen standing by.

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