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These Are The Top US States In Q1 2023 For Plug-In Electric Car Market Share

Many of us follow sales reports about plug-in electric cars in the United States, but the truth of the matter is that the total number is very different from what is happening in particular states.

According to Experian Automotive, during the first quarter of 2023, some 257,507 new all-electric light-duty vehicles were registered in the US (up 63 percent year-over-year), which is about seven percent of the total volume (up from 4.6 percent a year ago).

The recent California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA)‘s report, also based on Experian‘s numbers, reveals registrations for BEVs and PHEVs in roughly 20 states (with the highest market share of plug-ins, as we understand).

As it turns out, BEVs dominated the plug-in segment in basically all states shown in the chart.

The total market share of rechargeable cars in California is around 24 percent – that’s over three times the US average. In Oregon and Washington, plug-ins seem to be at around 17 percent. Those are very good numbers, comparable to many European countries.

For reference, in Germany plug-in car share is about 20 percent.

Hawaii appears to be at roughly 15 percent, slightly ahead of Nevada and Colorado.

About 10 states exceeded 10 percent market share for rechargeable cars and 18 are above 5 percent.

It means that the other 30+ or so states, which are not listed, must be below 5 percent, dragging the overall average to 7 percent.

We can be probably satisfied with what the data shows. The bridgehead is secured, and with all the investments and new models on the horizon, combined with efforts to make all-electric cars more affordable, electrification will progress.

The speed of electrification will vary depending on various factors so some states will achieve milestones faster than others, but that’s inevitable and completely normal.

We can guess that the top markets might reach a 50 percent share of all-electric cars, while the bottom ones will barely hit 10 percent. The same can be said about various countries in Europe, where Norway is already at 90 percent plug-ins (84 percent BEVs) after April.

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