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Thule’s New Epos Rack Is Built To Carry Even The Heaviest E-Bikes

For-sport and for-leisure e-bikers would certainly be familiar with the struggles of transporting their bikes on long multi-day trips out of town. Most e-bikes tend to be much heavier than standard bicycles, and so plopping them onto a standard strap-on bike rack on the back of your car just won’t cut it. On top of that, some e-bikes’ are trickier to dismantle than regular bikes, so stuffing it in the back of your car could take a lot of work.

Luckily, as more and more people get on e-bikes, more and more accessories designed specifically to accommodate e-bikes are hitting the market. For a sturdy and reliable rack to transport your electric bicycles on, look no further than Swedish specialist Thule. For decades, Thule has been catering to the needs of cyclists all over the world, with a dizzying assortment of bike racks fit for all sorts of vehicles. This time around, the new Epos rack from Thule is designed specifically to haul around e-bikes thanks to its bolstered weight capacity. 

Thule designed the Epos rack with convenience and practicality in mind. For starters, it’s equipped with Thule’s Easy Fold XT technology, and even has wheels that allow you to roll it from your car to your garage where you’ll usually store it when not in use. Even better, there’s an optional accessory ramp for you to easily mount heavier e-bikes. The rack is offered in two versions – a two bike version and a three bike version, with each bike having a weight limit of 30 kilograms. 

More specifically, the Thule Epos rack can fit all sorts of bikes. Road bikes with skinny tires? No problem. All-mountain and trail bikes with 29-inch wheels? No worries. There’s even a five-inch accessory strap available as an option for those who wish to carry a fat bike on the rack. Just like most other bike racks of this caliber, it attaches via a trailer hitch, so make sure your vehicle has one before going out and buying this rack. 

As for pricing, the Thule Epos rack for two bikes starts a $1,000 USD. $1,099 USD gets you the three-bike rack. 

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