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Volkswagen Pauses Some ID.4 Sales: Doors May Open While Driving

Volkswagen Group has reportedly alerted its dealers across the US and Canada to pause from selling its ID.4 fully electric SUV. The automaker says the doors on some of the electric crossovers could potentially open while the vehicle is moving slowly. There’s not yet a solution for the issue.

Various reports of the Volkswagen ID.4 EV’s doors opening on their own started surfacing as early as January 2023. About a month later, Volkswagen reportedly spoke to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about the concern. Moreover, VW supplier U-Shin Ltd. began to work on an analysis of the potentially failing door parts.

Since then, the automaker issued a recall based on initial findings of 10 ID.4 SUVs with doors that may come open on their own. All were produced at the company’s factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

At this point, Volkswagen has noted that some 18,000 ID.4 electric SUVs produced at the factory in Tennessee may have the potential issue with the doors. VW said that the door handles may stop working properly thanks to water making its way in.

The automaker added that this could “cause a situation where a vehicle door could open unexpectedly.” VW reportedly issued a stop-sale related to the door concerns on April 3, 2023. The notice for the stop sale indicates that there is not yet a fix ready to solve the problem.

This comes along with a number of recalls on the Volkswagen ID.4, a few of which are highlighted in the articles above. That said, VW isn’t alone when it comes to mounting issues and recalls in the industry. With many brand-new EVs coming to market, there continue to be bugs and issues to work out.

This is a developing story. Once more information becomes available about the stop sale and/or recall, we’ll either update this story or provide a follow-up. In the meantime, we’ve reached out to Volkswagen for a comment on the matter.

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