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Watch Damaged Tesla Supercharger Put Other EV Fast Chargers To Shame

Tesla’s Supercharger network has always been one of the main selling points of the American EV maker, with great reliability and above-average charging speeds.

In fact, according to Tesla’s own 2022 Impact Report, its Superchargers had an impressive 99.95-percent average uptime last year, which is very good to know, especially if you’re planning a long-distance trip and need to occasionally stop for a top-up.

But as the video embedded below shows, it looks like Tesla’s charging stalls are more than happy to provide power to EVs in need even if they’re damaged and look like they should be repaired immediately.


Posted by the Twitter user @IDC4GAS, the short recording reveals that the busted-up Supercharger in San Diego was able to provide as much as 125 kilowatts to the Model 3, even though its internals were on display and the covers were ripped off.

Now, it’s worth noting that the stall most probably had all its components still intact and that the damage incurred might have been just cosmetic, but considering other public EV charging networks have a hard time providing a reliable charging experience with undamaged stalls, it’s impressive to see a video like the one above.

It’s even more encouraging to know that Tesla is expanding its Magic Dock-equipped network, which allows other brands of EVs to top-up at Tesla Superchargers, although the rollout has been slow, with just a handful of stalls across the United States.

But overseas, the situation is different, with Tesla offering the services of its charging network to other brands of EVs in several countries in Europe and Australia.

So far, according to data from Tesla, the Supercharger network has had almost perfect reliability, with an average uptime of 99.74 percent in 2020, 99.96 percent in 2021, and 99.95 percent in 2022.

As always, we’d like to know what you think about this, so after watching the video embedded above, head over to the comments section below to give us your thoughts.

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