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Watch The Munro Team Analyze The Underside Of The Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric vehicles of all time, and with the production start getting closer and closer each day, more and more details are revealed about the upcoming futuristic truck.

After releasing several prototypes into the wild and on its own test track, Tesla is getting ready to put the Cybertruck into production this summer after many delays and setbacks, and it’s going through all the necessary steps to get it certified and ready to sell to ordinary people.

To this effect, the Fremont-based carmaker released a teaser video of the Cybertruck’s crash testing phase on April 1, in which the actual impact wasn’t revealed, it was enough for Jordan and Cory from Sandy Munro’s team to analyze the underbody, even though there’s very little exposed.

Embedded at the top of this article, the video published on the Munro Live YouTube channel talks about how the parts used on the undercarriage of the Cybertruck look like an evolution of the parts found on the Model Y, with some crucial updates.

One of these updates has to do with the length of the lower control arms, which seem to be significantly longer than those found on the other models in Tesla’s range. This allows the suspension of the truck to flex more over rough terrain.

Something else that’s different from all the other Teslas (and not necessarily in a good way) is the Cybertruck seems to lack a so-called virtual ball suspension or double ball joint suspension. Instead, it looks like the all-electric truck will make use of a traditional front suspension setup that usually has the steering rack behind the axle (although it’s not confirmed by this video), which leads to a rougher ride and a sloppier steering feel compared to the double ball joint setup present in all the other Tesla models.

But go check it out for yourself and then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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