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Industry Leaders Partner to Repurpose Natural Gas Pipelines for Hydrogen Transmission


(P&GJ) — DORIS, ROSEN, and SPIECAPAG have jointly announced the establishment of the Pipeline Transition Alliance, a collaboration aimed at repurposing natural gas pipelines for hydrogen transmission.

Recognizing the growing importance of hydrogen as a clean energy source, the alliance seeks to support pipeline infrastructure owners in repurposing their existing assets to accommodate hydrogen transmission. This transition is crucial for the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a new energy source, requiring large-scale and cost-effective transmission solutions.

The Pipeline Transition Alliance offers comprehensive services covering all phases of the conversion process. ROSEN specializes in pipeline inspection, assessment, and integrity management, utilizing advanced inspection and testing technologies for accurate early-stage evaluation. DORIS brings its expertise in engineering, including the design of hydrogen production and conditioning systems, drawing on its 60 years of experience in the energy industry. SPIECAPAG provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for the delivery of repurposed pipeline infrastructure, along with new facilities as necessary to meet client specifications and future demands.

Antony Loane, DORIS’ Business Development Manager for Asia-Pacific, highlighted the assurance and clarity the alliance offers to clients in understanding the risks and costs associated with hydrogen introduction. Hernando Caceres, Vice President for Business Execution at ROSEN Group in Asia Pacific, underscored the strategic significance of the partnership in delivering integrated solutions for hydrogen pipelines. Jason Paterson, Business Strategy & Growth Manager at Spiecapag, emphasized the alliance’s commitment to providing an end-to-end pipeline transition service, covering all stages of the project lifecycle.

This alliance represents a concerted effort by industry leaders to accelerate the energy transition towards sustainable solutions, marking a critical step in meeting ambitious hydrogen deployment goals.

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