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XCMG’s Advanced Drilling Rig Overcomes Challenges in Serbia’s Gas Pipeline Project


(P&GJ) — In a significant advancement for Serbia’s natural gas infrastructure, XCMG Machinery completes a challenging section of the Danube River gas pipeline project using its high-capacity horizontal directional drilling rig, the XZ3600, paired with the XMP2800 mud pump. This “power duo” overcame a 70MPa hard soil layer within a week.

XCMG’s advanced drilling rig conquers tough terrain in Serbia’s gas pipeline project.

The area near the Danube River is known for its moist soil conditions and layers of hard soil interspersed with sand and pebbles, making drilling especially difficult. The need for precise navigation through the winding path of the river placed exceptionally high demands on both equipment performance and operational techniques.

After thorough evaluation and comparison of equipment capabilities, local clients selected the XZ3600 horizontal directional drilling rig and XMP2800 mud pump combination from XCMG for this project. Leveraging core technology and stable performance alongside comprehensive operational plans allowed XCMG to efficiently tackle this overseas challenge within just one week.

The same combination of XCMG’s horizontal directional drilling rig and mud pump previously set construction records in Nigeria. The XZ3600 is a self-developed large-tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig by XCMG, capable of achieving maximum pullback force up to 3600kN and maximum rotary torque of 120,000N•m. It is designed for long-distance, high-difficulty terrain crossing operations. The accompanying XMP2800 mud pump station can autonomously adjust according to construction conditions to save on mud usage and reduce costs.

Prior engagements include participation in urban construction projects across Serbia and neighboring countries with various road machinery and trenchless equipment from XCMG. Notably, in Nišava District, its latest D170 bulldozer made its debut performance thanks to support from overseas service engineers who ensured it was operational by the exact afternoon.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina bordering Serbia lies one of the largest new energy power projects, where its wind turbine crane, the largest telescopic boom crane exported from China, marking its lift record among similar models within the industry.

Beyond these achievements in Serbia are contributions towards Montenegro’s first highway connecting its capital to Northern Serbian regions via an expressway, where its tunnel boring machines played crucial roles; as well as involvement in road building bridge constructions mining operations across Macedonia, Bulgaria, Hungary, among other neighboring countries, showcasing its range from cranes mining machinery, graders, and rotary drills, providing strong support towards regional development projects around these areas.

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