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262 windless days require extended gas reliance, says National Gas boss

Jon Butterworth, Chief Executive of National Gas, has underlined the enduring need for fossil fuels in the UK to avert power blackouts. 

Butterworth’s remarks, as reported by the Daily Telegraph, highlight the country’s growing dependence on intermittent power sources like wind and solar.

Mr Butteworth has emphasised that gas will continue to play a vital role in bridging the gap when renewable energy sources are unable to generate power.

According to Mr Butterworth, in 2022, the UK experienced 262 days where the wind either did not blow or blew insufficiently to generate power.

Mr Butterworth contends that without gas, these 262 days would have led to rolling blackouts or complete power outages across the nation.

The boss of National Gas anticipates that the UK will rely on gas to ensure a consistent power supply as far into the future as 2040.

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