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Almost half of Brits support local energy projects lowering bills

Nearly 49% of Britons are willing to support a local renewable energy scheme capable of reducing their energy bills.

That’s according to a new survey by Copper Consultancy which shows that over 27% of participants are keen to back a local renewable initiative, even if it does not offset any potential construction or operational impact with lower bills.

An additional 17% remained undecided, a stance likely influenced by the level of understanding surrounding the topic.

In contrast, a mere 7% stated their lack of support for local energy projects.

The exploration into public awareness of renewable energy types began with a comprehensive question to assess respondents’ understanding of various renewable sources.

Among these, solar energy emerged as the most recognised, with 59% correctly identifying it as a renewable form.

Following closely was offshore wind at 52% and onshore wind at 49%.

The survey findings indicate that around 23% of respondents accurately recognised hydrogen as a renewable choice.

Additionally, 16% acknowledged nuclear energy as falling under the renewable category.

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