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British solar cell innovation to power zero carbon race car

Solar technology innovation company Oxford PV has joined forces with solar racing team Top Dutch.

Oxford PV, a spin-out from The University of Oxford, specialises in perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells, which currently offer a 30% increase in power output compared to traditional silicon cells.

These advanced solar cells will be utilised to power the Top Dutch Solar Racing team’s vehicle in the upcoming Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a 3,000-kilometre race from Darwin to Adelaide in Australia.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, scheduled for October 22nd to 29th, attracts teams from around the world, showcasing cutting-edge solar-powered vehicles designed, engineered and built by university-affiliated teams.

Laura de la Fuente Esteban, Photovoltaic Engineer, Top Dutch Solar Racing team, said: “Tandem silicon solar cells from Oxford PV can outperform traditional silicon solar cells by at least 20% and represent the next big leap forward for solar power, as silicon cells approach their theoretical limits.”

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