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Centrica advances solar partnership

Centrica Business Solutions has initiated the construction of a 2.94MW solar array on the roofs of Smart Architectural Aluminium’s UK headquarters.

The project, part of a long-term lease agreement, allows Centrica to lease roof space, finance the installation and establish a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Smart.

This arrangement provides Smart with price certainty, green electricity access and a reduction of 588 tonnes in operational carbon dioxide emissions each year.

The project, set for completion in spring 2024, aligns with Smart’s goal of carbon neutrality across its operations.

Justin Jacober, managing director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “To be able to finance this deal in a zero-capital way, is an incredibly attractive package for many businesses, who are wrestling with the balance between planet and profit, our message is you don’t need to make it a binary choice, you can do both.”

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