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Centrica unveils 20MW hydrogen-ready project at former gas-fired power station

Centrica has completed construction on a new 20MW hydrogen-blend-ready gas-fired peaking plant in Redditch, Worcestershire, previously a decommissioned power plant.

The site now hosts eight UK-assembled containerised engines for burning natural gas, vital for ensuring stable electricity supply during peak demand when renewable energy sources may fall short.

The plant’s capacity can sustain around 2,000 homes for a full day and is adaptable to burn a blend of natural gas and up to 25% hydrogen.

This project aligns with Centrica’s broader investment strategy in renewable generation and security of supply, including redeveloping legacy-owned power stations like the former Brigg Power Station.

Gregory McKenna, Managing Director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “As we transition to a greener, more flexible grid system, gas-fired power plants like the one at Redditch will help meet the UK’s fluctuating energy needs by providing power to homes and communities when demand outweighs supply.

“We have ambitious plans to build out a portfolio of flexible assets which will play a critical role as the safety net for the grid.”

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