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Charities sound alarm over energy prices

In response to Ofgem’s energy price cap adjustments, concerns have been voiced over the sustained burden of high bills, notably impacting vulnerable groups like the elderly and disabled.

Despite a slight price drop, bills remain significantly higher than pre-crisis levels.

Independent Age Chief Executive Joanna Elson said: “Last winter our helpline received a huge number of calls from frightened older people worried about their high energy costs.

“Many couldn’t afford to turn their heating on, going to drastic lengths to stay warm. We heard from people going to bed in hats and coats, while others were living in just one room to keep costs down. History cannot be allowed to repeat itself this winter.

“There are around two million older people living in poverty whose low fixed incomes cannot cope with sharp increases to their bills, which forces many to make dangers cutbacks on essentials such as heating and food.

“Those in later life, living in financial hardship, need reassurances that they will be protected longer term from high energy costs.”

David Southgate, Policy Manager at disability equality charity Scope, said: “This is far from over. Energy prices are still 50% higher than they were three years ago, and are expected to go up again this autumn.

“Life costs a lot more when you’re disabled, and years of eye-wateringly high costs have hit disabled people hardest.

“Many disabled people have no choice but to use more energy to power vital equipment, or use more heating to stay healthy.”

Simon Francis, coordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, commented: “Years of staggering energy bills have taken their toll and we now know the true cost of the crisis.

“Customers are £2,500 out of pocket because of Britain’s broken energy system, people are turning to loan sharks to pay their energy bills, millions of people are living in cold damp homes and many are experiencing a mental health crisis driven by high bills.”

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