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Charity spends £1m weekly to fight fuel poverty

Charity Fuel Bank Foundation is dedicating almost £1 million per week to assist individuals in keeping their homes warm.

The charity received requests for financial support from 21,600 people in a single week in January, the highest ever recorded.

The foundation issues fuel vouchers to households with prepayment gas and/or electricity meters when funds run out, aiding nearly 640,000 individuals in 2023 – an 85% increase from the previous year.

Anticipating a further 26% rise this year, Matthew Cole, Head of the Foundation, emphasises the substantial financial challenges millions of households face during cold snaps.

Mr Cole said: “Millions of people are struggling with higher fuel and food bills, higher mortgage and rent payments and paying off previously accrued debts. Household budgets are at breaking point.

“Recognising this, we wanted to do something meaningful to help those who are going to struggle this winter. Increasing the value of our winter fuel vouchers was the obvious choice. This has doubled our costs, but it was necessary to keep people warm.”

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