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‘Energy customers support fair tariffs for all’

E.ON Next commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey following news that the energy regulator Ofgem is considering lifting the ban on acquisition-only tariffs for energy companies.

The survey sought public opinion on whether the best deals should be restricted to new customers.

According to the results, 93% of respondents believe energy suppliers should not limit their best deals to new customers.

Additionally, 82% indicated they would trust their supplier less if the best deals were offered only to new customers.

Chris Norbury, Chief Executive of E.ON UK, said: “It’s clear from this research that customers want the ban to remain in place, it also illustrates the concern I have that removing the ban undermines customers’ trust.

“Small scale tweaks to the energy system do not support vulnerable customers and won’t help decarbonise our energy system at pace.

“What we need is a longer term package that brings together price protection for those who need it most and incentivises innovation that helps make energy affordable and sustainable for everyone.”

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