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Energy industry urges focus on renewables in July election

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of a general election on 4th July, viewing it as a pivotal moment for advancing the renewable energy agenda.

Rollo Maschietto, Public Affairs Manager, REA, said: “The only way to ensure enduring energy security and an affordable energy system is by ending our reliance on volatile imported fossil fuels by moving to renewables and clean technologies.”

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) also responded to the election announcement, emphasising the need for the next government to prioritise smart, local, and low carbon energy.

Georgia Tinson, Communications and Press Officer at ADE, said: “Approximately 82% of UK emissions are attributed to energy despite the UK having one of the strongest renewable generation fleets in the world.

“The next government must ensure that smart, local and low carbon energy is at the heart of the decision-making in their first 100 days.”

CPRE director of policy, campaigns and communications Elli Moody said: “This general election will be make or break for the countryside.  

“The next government will be faced with era-defining decisions on housing, environmental protections and energy supply.

“To decarbonise our energy system, we need to unlock the potential of our rooftops to deliver clean and sustainable electricity while upgrading our crumbling energy grid.”

Yselkla Farmer, Chief Executive Officer of BEAMA, outlined energy priorities for the next government, stating that a stable policy environment is crucial for growth and prosperity based on a green economy.

Yselkla Farmer said: “Whoever wins the upcoming general election, they will need to prioritise a stable policy environment, with clarity from government that allows the innovative, high-impact solutions from industry that will tackle the structural challenges to building a low cost, low carbon and secure energy system.”

Simon Francis, coordinator of the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, said: “With a general election coming up, voters will rightly be asking politicians what they will do to explain their plans to lower energy costs for good.

“Energy prices remain 50% higher than they were before the energy bills crisis began and are due to tick upwards again as we head into winter 2024/25.

“Years of staggering energy bills have taken their toll on household finances up and down the country. People are turning to loan sharks to pay their energy bills, millions of people are living in cold damp homes and many are experiencing a mental health crisis driven by high bills.”

Warm This Winter campaign spokesperson Fiona Waters commented: “The cost of living crisis is far from over and during these times of global uncertainty it is more apparent than ever that we need radical reform of our broken energy system.

“This means more insulation in our homes alongside a shift to homegrown renewable energy. This will simultaneously reduce bills and increase energy security by freeing us from volatile global gas prices.”

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