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Engineers exit water industry due to training shortfall

A shortage of training and limited opportunities for innovation are prompting more engineers to leave the water industry.

That’s according to a new study by Water by Murray, which highlights a notable disparity in training provision, hindering innovation and prompting engineers to seek roles in other sectors where they perceive greater potential for growth.

The survey of nearly 4,000 engineers found that one in three felt unable to innovate due to factors such as ageing infrastructure and rigid managerial structures.

Additionally, 43% reported not receiving relevant training.

Teo De La Cruz, Associate Director at Water by Murray, commented: “It is no secret that the water industry as a whole is going through a challenging time, but this will only be worsened by a potentially growing skills gaps in an already stretched sector.

“If we are to tackle the growing issues in UK water, there needs to be a consensus over what competencies will be required now and in the longer term.”

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