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‘EPC reform vital for successful net zero building decarbonisation’

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are hindering efforts to achieve net zero goals.

That’s according to a recent report from Energy Systems Catapult. which highlights issues with the current system, including a performance gap between actual energy consumption and EPC models, a preference for gas heating over low carbon technologies and an individualistic approach limiting whole system planning for net zero.

Introduced in 2007, EPCs have expanded in use, impacting policies related to net zero, renters’ rights and fuel poverty.

If EPCs continue recommending new gas boilers at the current rate, societal costs of excess carbon dioxide emissions could range from £19 billion to £57 billion by 2050, according to analysts.

The report proposes moving away from a single headline rating to three metrics: energy use, climate impact and energy cost.

These metrics aim to align policy and regulatory uses with relevant aspects, encouraging the adoption of low carbon heating technologies.

Fay Holland, Senior Energy Policy Advisor at Energy Systems Catapult, said: “EPCs – in their current form – are undermining efforts to achieve net zero. Our recommendations recognise the central role that EPCs play in the property market and in policymaking to create the conditions necessary for innovative solutions to home decarbonisation to flourish.

“EPC reform will benefit consumers. It will encourage property owners – landlords, social housing providers, and homeowners – to adopt low carbon heating technologies, while opening the market up to new measurement methodologies will support innovative, high quality performance diagnosis and retrofit solutions.

“The introduction of digital building passports will provide the data needed to inform better policy decisions by government on the decarbonisation of heat and buildings.”

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