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EU offshore wind industry braces for tower shortages

Europe‘s ambitious plans to harness wind power for its energy transition may hit a stumbling block as the continent faces a looming shortage of turbine towers.

The demand for larger turbines has surged, surpassing the current manufacturing capacity.

According to energy research firm Rystad Energy, the average turbine capacity in Europe is expected to reach nearly 10MW by 2023.

However, projections indicate that between 2029 and 2035, a staggering 50% of installed turbines will be even bigger, exceeding 14MW.

Some projects even aim to construct towering 20MW turbines as early as 2030, the study suggests.

As turbine sizes grow, so does the need for larger towers. This trend is particularly noticeable in Europe, where offshore wind developers are increasingly requesting turbines with capacities of 12MW or higher for their projects.

However, this surge in demand for larger turbines has raised concerns about the manufacturing capacity of the necessary towers.

Rystad Energy’s analysis reveals that by 2028, the demand for offshore turbine towers will outstrip the manufacturing capacity available in Europe.

If not addressed promptly, this shortage could pose a significant challenge to Europe’s energy transition goals.

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