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Former UK Deputy Prime Minister leads critical minerals partnership

Appian Capital Advisory LLP, an investment advisor for long term private capital funds in mining, has appointed Dominic Raab, the former UK Deputy Prime Minister, as Senior Strategic Advisor on Global Affairs.

Mr Raab will advise Appian on geopolitical strategy and risk based on his experience in the UK Government.

In partnership with SAFE, a nonpartisan organisation, Appian aims to improve energy security.

Mr Raab will chair this partnership, focusing on informing governments about critical minerals investment and development.

The partnership will also advise on regulatory, fiscal and financial conditions for successful critical minerals operations and develop a scorecard to evaluate potential sites.

Dominic Raab, Senior Strategic Advisor on Global Affairs at Appian, said: “I look forward to helping Appian expand international partnerships between investors and governments, so we can better navigate the geopolitical risks and secure the supply chains our economies need for the twenty-first century.

“The SAFE-Appian partnership will bring in private sector investors with the expertise and track record to reinforce the supply chain resilience of the US and her allies.”

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