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Gas connection ban for new homes in Australian state from next year

Victoria’s Labor government, led by Daniel Andrews, will ban new homes from connecting to natural gas to cut carbon emissions by half by 2030.

The policy will be enforced from 1st January 2024 – officials estimate that the move will lead to yearly energy bill savings of up to AUS$1,000 (£518)  for new households.

Transitioning to electric systems is seen as a crucial aspect of achieving Victoria’s ambitious emission reduction targets of 75-80% by 2035 and net zero by 2045.

The recent policy builds upon the 2022 reform that removed gas connection requirements for new homes.

To support homeowners in maximising the benefits of household renewable energy, the government is investing AUS$10 million (£5.1m) in a Residential Electrification Grants programme.

These grants will provide rebates for solar panels, solar hot water and heat pumps to new home buyers, helping them save AUS$4,600 (£2,384) before moving in.

Minister for Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio said: “We know that with every bill that arrives, gas is only going to get more expensive. That’s why we’re stepping in to help even more Victorians get the best deal on their energy bills.”

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