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Gloucestershire school goes solar, thanks to National Grid

National Grid Electricity Distribution has provided funding for the installation of solar panels at Rednock School in Gloucestershire, making it the first school in the area to benefit from the initiative.

The funding comes as part of National Grid‘s commitment to promoting sustainability and achieving net zero emissions in local communities.

The company, which is responsible for the distribution of electricity in the Midlands, South West, and South Wales regions, established a solar PV fund as part of its RIIO-ED2 distribution Business Plan.

Under this initiative, National Grid aims to build local energy schemes by providing £540,000 of shareholder-funded support each year to install solar PV systems in schools located in economically deprived areas.

Rednock School’s solar panel system has a capacity of 19kW and serves as a pilot project that will provide a blueprint for similar installations at other schools within National Grid’s distribution area.

National Grid contributed £10,000 towards the solar PV system and an additional £2,000 for its maintenance, while the school also provided additional funding to expand the installation.

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