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Good Energy boss slams government’s ‘outdated’ energy policy

The Chief Executive of Good Energy, Nigel Pocklington, has issued a strong response to the government’s recent announcement on the UK energy supply.

Mr Pocklington criticised the Energy Security Secretary‘s warnings about ‘blackouts‘ from renewables, suggesting that such claims are reminiscent of outdated energy policy advice.

Nigel Pocklington, Chief Executive, Good Energy said: “In scaremongering about ‘blackouts’ from renewables the Energy Security Secretary appears to be getting her energy policy advice from conspiratorial blog posts published circa 2010.

“It makes no sense to be pronouncing new gas generation when we are still recovering from the shock of the UK’s unique exposure to global gas prices. Let alone when the UK’s cheapest source of power, onshore wind, is effectually blocked.

“Meanwhile, the announcements on locational pricing have the potential to help make our energy system more fit for a lower carbon future.

“This is the real energy security measure announced today — more local, home grown clean renewable power brings down bills, carbon and our reliance on volatile gas markets.”

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Energy Live News
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