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Google launches initiative to combat methane leaks

The MethaneSAT team has completed assembling their methane-monitoring satellite in Colorado, preparing it for launch from California’s Vandenberg Space Force in the coming weeks.

This project, spanning six years and over a million hours, is dedicated to accelerating methane reduction efforts in the oil and gas sector worldwide.

With the ability to detect methane emissions inaccessible to other satellites, MethaneSAT aims to provide comprehensive data on emission sources and trends over time.

A partnership with Google is set to further amplify the impact of this mission by enhancing data processing and accessibility.

Google will provide crucial cloud and mapping services to facilitate the rapid and secure processing of MethaneSAT’s extensive data stream.

Additionally, collaboration with Google aims to enhance the accuracy of emissions data by improving the database of global oil and gas infrastructure, enabling precise attribution of emissions to verified facilities.

Integration of MethaneSAT data into Google Earth Engine will broaden access to this valuable resource for stakeholders worldwide.

The partnership with Google adds to a roster of over 70 expert collaborators from leading institutions, including Ball Aerospace, Blue Canyon Technologies and Harvard University, who have contributed to bringing MethaneSAT to fruition.

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