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Great Results & Lower Costs Make The RT-APEX A Keeper!

By Roof Tech US
Solar Power NW makes the smart choice to transition to RT-APEXFrom the day Ryan Lingenfelder founded his company, Solar Power NW in 2021, he insisted on using Roof Tech’s RT-MINI II on every project. “I already believed in the product, and I always let my customers know that RT-MINI is the one attachment that will never damage your roof shingles,” he explained. Back then, Lingenfelder used RT-MINI II exclusively to attach to railings on his solar installs, but that eventually changed.
A Roof Tech installation video reveals a new product discovery.Lingenfelder had been using RT-MINI II for nearly two years when he viewed one of Roof Tech’s online installation videos in December 2022. “I kept noticing this other mounting product, RT-APEX on the video,” Lingenfelder said. “I was intrigued, so I contacted Rob Lusk, my Roof Tech rep to find out more.” Lusk soon introduced Lingenfelder to the benefits of rail-less mounting with RT-APEX, and since then Lingenfelder has switched nearly all his jobs to rail-less mounting.

Training his own crew on how to use RT-APEX exclusively.Before discovering RT-APEX, Lingenfelder would sub out some installation jobs, but since December 2022 he has been training his own crew. “Most people in our region use railed systems for solar installations,” he explained. “Now, I’m the only solar provider around here who uses RT-APEX, and my customers love it. The esthetics are great and the end result looks so much smoother.” Lingenfelder added that RT-APEX also makes work safer for his installers. “There’s no need to lug rails around on the roof anymore, and the self-leveling feature of RT-APEX makes it simple to adjust clamps to retain a smooth profile.”

Great results and lower costs make RT-APEX a keeper.With interest rates on the rise, the cost of financing new solar systems has gone up, so installers have to be even smarter about choosing products. “We know of other solar companies who have warehouses full of product they can’t use,” said Lingenfelder, “but we order just enough of RT-APEX to make financial sense and sustain our inventory.” He added that by ordering correctly, it’s far less costly to install with RT-APEX rather than traditional railed systems. “RT-APEX is just a great product,” said Lingenfelder. “It’s a great design and I believe Roof Tech will continue to evolve it to make it even better!”

About Solar Power NW LLCSolar Power NW was founded in 2021 by Ryan Lingenfelder. The company is based in Pasco, Washington and serves primarily residential customers within a 75-mile radius of their headquarters in and around southeast Washington state. As the owner and general contractor, Lingenfelder develops business leads for his sales team, then manages all contracts to be sure materials and permitting are in place. To learn more about Solar Power NW visit
About Roof TechRoof Tech, Inc., is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a Japanese company renowned for more than five decades of innovative roofing technologies. In 2013, Roof Tech established its U.S. operations and is now headquartered in San Diego, California. Roof Tech has a national network of distributors in place to provide its unique PV solar mounting solutions for residential and commercial projects. Roof Tech’s current product line includes RT-MINI, U set Solar®, RT-APEX, the RT-REB Roof Entry Bracket and the new RT-MINI II Self-Flashing Mounting Base. All products are fully code-compliant and offer compact, watertight performance for rooftop solar installations.
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