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Green tech helps stabilise UK power grid

Digital technologies provider ABB has completed a project in Liverpool featuring high-inertia synchronous condenser systems coupled with flywheels to provide spinning inertia and help stabilise the UK power grid.

The new systems mimic the operation of coal or gas-fired generators to provide spinning inertia, a critical element for stable power networks.

The ABB technology increases the inertia by 3.5 times to maintain grid reliability.

The project is predicted to provide around 1% of the UK’s inertia requirement for 2025, saving consumers around $122m (£99m).

Heikki Vepsäläinen, Division President of ABB Large Motors and Generators, said “Decarbonisation of power generation is a vital element in the world’s journey to net zero.

“Our challenge is to achieve this ambition while maintaining stable and reliable power networks. This is where synchronous condensers are set to play a key role.”

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