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‘Heat network customers face eviction amid 350% surge in energy bills’

Lambeth Council has come under scrutiny following reports that it may be exacerbating challenges for heat network customers, according to a BBC investigation.

Lambeth Council has allegedly issued eviction threats to heat network users who are struggling to cope with a substantial 350% rise in service charges.

This issue impacts both council tenants and leaseholders, potentially resulting in weekly costs for heat and hot water surpassing £67 and in some instances, exceeding £83.

While some residents claim to have received verbal assurances that evictions will not proceed, the absence of written confirmation has left others uncertain about their housing situation.

In a guest blog, Fuel Poverty Action said: “We understand the falling price of gas may mean lower bills from this April, but they will still be too high for many of us to keep up with and we will already be in debt, struggling to catch up with our arrears.

“On top of this, for many of us, the heating and hot water system is constantly failing, leaving families and pensioners freezing cold.

“For the majority of renters, rent and energy bills are separate. The rising cost of living and the energy crisis have put many into fuel debt but in most cases householders are able to make adjustments like changing providers, using less energy, making homes more energy efficient or getting a prepayment meter.

“For Lambeth residents on heat networks, there is no such recourse available. We have no control over the provider, no thermostat in many cases, and no discussion over the way our heat and hot water is paid for. ”

Energy Live News has approached Lambeth Council for comment – the local authority did not respond before publication.

Energy Live News
Energy Live News
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