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Hinkley Point C delays raise UK blackout risk

New research warns of potential blackouts in the UK by 2028 due to delays in French-built nuclear reactors, alongside closures of existing stations like Ratcliffe-on-Soar.

Analysis by Public First indicates a looming “crunch point” as demand exceeds baseload capacity by 7.5GW at peak times, equivalent to the power needs of over seven million homes.

Government data reveals consumers facing a £2.8 billion addition to bills in 2028 to ensure sufficient generating capacity.

Paul Szyszczak, Country Manager, Danfoss Climate Solutions, UK and Ireland, said: “This new blackout warning for the UK’s grid is concerning but shouldn’t be a reason for panic. Instead, it should be seen as an opportunity and useful reminder of why we need to boost energy efficiency.

“Regardless of the Hinkley Point delays, blackouts can be kept out of the conversation entirely if we were to bring in relatively simple changes. Changes such as rolling out demand-side flexibility technology across the country; this would level out energy consumption to prevent periods of simultaneous high demand and low supply, which is especially important for an energy system based on a growing mix renewables, such as the UK’s energy system.

“The deployment of demand-side flexibility technologies can lower demand during expensive peak hours and reduce the amount of fossil fuels in the energy mix. In fact, these changes would mean at least a 7% savings on electricity bills for households and a highly significant reduction in carbon emissions.

“Through demand-side flexibility, the EU and UK can annually save 40 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and achieve annual societal cost savings of €10.5 billion (£8.9bn) by 2030, partly due to lower need for investments in energy infrastructure.”

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