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How is your supply chain affecting your business’ overall emissions?

How does the efficiency of your supply chain influence your Scope 3 emissions?

Big Zero Show speaker and Supply Chain Senior Sustainability Manager at Lloyds Banking Group, Matteo Deidda said that suppliers need to work together to become sustainable.

According to the World Economic Forum, global supply chains account for 80% of total carbon emissions.

Matteo said: ‘Organisations and people in general want to do the right thing and sometimes there are blockers to why they can’t.

‘At Lloyds, we directly talk to suppliers to help them and facilitate their transition, to understand what their challenges are.

‘Suppliers need to share information between themselves, discuss common challenges and how they can help each other.

‘Especially when it comes to scope 3 emissions, everyone is trying to understand what the best way forward is and nobody has all the answers. So where do you start? I would say, just start somewhere.’

Crown Commercial Service, an Executive Agency of the Cabinet Office of the UK Government says: ‘Engaging with sustainable suppliers can help organisations demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

‘Greener supply chains can help reduce an organisation’s environmental impact, ensure more ethical raw materials are used and drive operational efficiency.’

Find out how your supply chain affects your overall emissions and the best ways to cut your company’s scope 3 emissions at the Big Zero Show.

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