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Industry calls for clean energy focus from next UK Government

Industry body Scottish Renewables has unveiled a manifesto urging the upcoming UK Government to focus on investment, infrastructure and innovation to ensure a robust clean energy system.

The manifesto, titled ‘Clean energy future: time is now’, outlines key recommendations, including modernising the Contracts for Difference scheme and prioritising strategic infrastructure upgrades for net zero objectives.

Additionally, recent polling by Survation, commissioned by Scottish Renewables, suggests that renewable energy is viewed as the most vital sector for the economic future of North East Scotland, as indicated by 38% of respondents.

Claire Mack, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: “Whoever forms the next UK Government will have no time to waste if it is to commit to accelerating the deployment of renewable energy and must set out clearly how it will fully unlock the huge social and economic potential of our renewable energy resources.

“Otherwise, we will lose ground in the global race to net zero that we can never win back.”

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