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London denies plans for pay-per-mile road charging scheme

The Mayor of London has dismissed any intentions to implement a pay-per-mile or pay-per-minute road charging scheme, directly contradicting statements made by ministers in the Commons.

The ministers had claimed that the Mayor had requested investigations into the technicalities of implementing such a scheme due to anticipated falling revenues from the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge.

Roads minister Richard Holden told MPs, “I met the acting chief financial officer and Seb Dance, the deputy Mayor for transport, yesterday.

“They informed me that the Mayor of London, in anticipation of falling revenues from ULEZ in the next few years, had asked them to investigate the technicalities of introducing road charging across London in the future.”

However, a spokesperson for the Mayor of London told Energy Live News, “This is categorically wrong. Officials actually told ministers the opposite – there is no prospect of it being introduced in the foreseeable future.”

The ULEZ charge, set at £12.50 per day, is scheduled to be expanded to all London boroughs on 29th August – it applies to cars that do not meet strict environmental standards.

Energy Live News
Energy Live News
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