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Lumin announces integration with Tesla Powerwalls

Smart panel maker Lumin announced that the Lumin Smart Panel is now integrated with the Tesla Powerwall family of home batteries to read and respond to state of charge. This includes Powerwall+, Powerwall 2 and Powerwall 3 batteries.

Lumin’s products have always been compatible with all batteries, inverters and load centers, including Powerwall. This latest integration enables intelligent energy optimization based on the battery’s state of charge, resulting in extended backup runtime. By monitoring the battery’s state of charge, Lumin automatically sheds less important loads as the battery draws down, based on the homeowner’s priorities.

The integration requires homeowners to have the latest version of the Lumin app on their mobile device and the newest operating system installed on their Lumin Smart Panel. If you add the integration while using an older operating system, the app will prompt the user to request an update, enabling the feature. Lumin will enable automatic updates in the next few months to eliminate this step. Also, all new Lumin Smart Panels will be shipped with the latest operating system, enabling Powerwall integration.

The Lumin Smart Panel now reads state of charge for Tesla Powerwall, Enphase IQ and SolarEdge Home batteries, covering approximately 70% of the solar + storage market.

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