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Mandatory solar panels could power an extra 1.17m UK homes

Introducing mandatory solar panels on 1.5 million new-build properties could generate surplus electricity, capable of powering an additional 1.17 million homes across the UK.

That’s according to analysis by Good Energy, which suggests domestic-scale solar generators share more generated electricity with the grid than they utilise themselves.

Furthermore, the study highlights the financial benefits for homeowners with solar panels, estimating annual savings of around £600 per household.

Smart meter data from over 900 domestic solar customers across the UK formed the basis of this analysis, providing unprecedented insights into electricity generation and export patterns.

Nigel Pocklington, Chief Executive Officer of Good Energy, said: “Supporting people to generate their own clean power is a clear and economical way to achieving our climate targets as a country.

“Instigating a strong energy policy that is based on home-grown renewables should be a core priority for the incoming government, and measures such as mandating solar panels on new-build homes would be an important and highly effective component of that – as well as making a meaningful contribution to zero carbon power goals.”

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