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National Grid to tackle grid bottlenecks with new tool

National Grid and Smart Wires have teamed up to improve grid technology, aiming to reduce congestion and boost clean energy transmission efficiency.

With support from Ofgem’s Network Innovation Allowance, partners are developing a tool to coordinate advanced power flow control devices, unlocking savings and enhancing power flow capacity.

The project targets significant savings over seven years and unlocking over 2GW of north-south power flow capacity, demonstrating the potential for more efficient and sustainable grid management.

Over seven years, approximately £390 million is expected to be saved through decreased constraint expenses and avoided investment in new infrastructure.

Gary Stockdale, Net Zero Innovation Manager at National Grid Electricity Transmission, said: “This project will give us better insight to fully exploit the potential of grid enhancing technologies on our network, and boost the volume of clean power our circuits can carry around the country.”

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