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National Grid’s boost for local flexibility markets

National Grid and Piclo have announced a strategic partnership aimed at facilitating access for Flexibility Service Providers (FSP) into local distribution flexibility markets.

The collaboration, effective from January 2024, aims to provide more than 150 flex sellers on the Piclo platform with direct access to National Grid’s low voltage flexibility opportunities.

This initiative is in response to the increasing importance of flexibility in the UK’s electricity system.

National Grid is committed to maximising market participation and simplifying the process for FSPs.

To achieve this, National Grid will work with Piclo to build interfaces to their Market Gateway platform, enabling FSPs on the Piclo platform to seamlessly access and participate in National Grid’s distribution flexibility markets.

Matt Watson, Head of Commercial and Operability at National Grid, said: “This is our first step towards opening up our Market Gateway platform for wider market entry and the interfaces we’re developing with Piclo will provide FSPs with greater choice on how they enter the distribution flexibility market.

“We hope to see an increase in the offers available to us and importantly we’ll be able to make fair decisions on market clearing regardless of which platform the FSP trades through.”

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