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Nearly 900k RTS customers urged to upgrade

Customers utilising the Radio Teleswitching Service (RTS) are being urged to swiftly transition to smart meters ahead of the impending shutdown scheduled for 30th June 2025.

With over 900,000 domestic and business users reliant on RTS for managing peak and off-peak energy rates, the shift aims to ensure uninterrupted access to beneficial tariff options such as Economy 7 and Economy 10.

RTS, introduced in the late 1980s, facilitated the control of storage heaters and other appliances by automatically adjusting their usage based on fluctuating electricity rates.

However, as the infrastructure approaches the end of its operational lifespan, energy regulators and suppliers are advocating for the adoption of smart meters as the modern alternative.

Failure to upgrade before the shutdown deadline could result in customers being relegated to pricier single-rate tariffs, along with potential disruptions in heating and hot water management.

Energy UK’s Deputy Chief Executive, Dhara Vyas, said: “Along with consumer groups, we are urging RTS customers to act now – either by responding to contact from their supplier or getting in contact themselves.

“Doing so in good time ahead of next summer’s deadline will minimise the disruption, help ensure a smooth upgrade to a smart meter and mean that customers continue to enjoy the benefits they currently get from RTS.

“While summer next year might seem a way off, suppliers will need to schedule in upgrades for around 900,000 homes and businesses so we strongly advise customers to please not leave it to the last minute.”

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