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Net Hero Podcast – the PC that goes on and on!

It’s that first world problem, three years on your computer needs replacing because it’s struggling and slow but what if you didn’t have to chuck it into the skip?

What if you could replace that cracked screen, or update the memory or even swap out the processor, so your laptop can go on and on?

That’s the idea behind Framework, a PC company from San Francisco led by Nirav Patel. They have built a pc you can update as time goes on and replace things like keyboards or screens, the premise being the more we can service ourselves, the less e-waste as computers can go on much longer.

Sounds like a dream for computer nerds! But will it work for people like me who just about can turn a computer on? Listen to our podcast and see if this really is way to cut the amount of waste and reduce emissions as Nirav believes it could work for lots more electronic products…

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