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New Xcel Energy program will lease onsite microgrids to C&I customers


Xcel Energy has received approval from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to offer the state’s first program that supports microgrids and other resiliency projects for large customers who require higher-than-standard service reliability.
The Empower Resiliency program is now available to Xcel Energy’s commercial and industrial customers in Minnesota. Xcel Energy provides support through ownership, installation, operation and maintenance of resiliency assets. These can include battery storage, renewable energy arrays and back-up generators at a customer’s site. New technologies have significantly decreased the cost of on-site energy resiliency.
Xcel Energy offers 99.9% power reliability, delivering the energy customers need. The company invests in power grid upgrades to protect against severe weather and minimize outages. Xcel Energy understands that some customers — including water treatment facilities, community centers, hospitals, continuous manufacturing facilities and schools — require even more certainty as they rely on an uninterruptible supply of electricity. The Empower Resiliency program leverages the resilience of the existing Xcel Energy system to provide the high level of reliability that these customers need.
“Delivering safe, reliable energy to our customers is at the core of our business,” said Emmett Romine, VP of customer solutions and innovation. “This program greatly reduces the upfront cost for customers who would benefit from resiliency assets and provides our extensive support to operate and maintain these systems, so they are available if they are needed.”
Xcel Energy will provide a turnkey resiliency solution and upfront capital, allowing customers to pay for the improvements over time. Customers work with Xcel Energy and its vendors to design, construct and interconnect their system. The program allows customers to choose options that best meet their resiliency needs and sustainability goals.
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