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Octopus Australia secures AUD$250m boost

Octopus Australia has today announced it has raised an additional AUD$250 million (£127m) in funds, with Rest, one of Australia‘s largest profit-to-member superannuation funds, joining the ranks of investors.

This announcement coincides with the successful conclusion of the second round of fundraising for the Octopus Australia Sustainable Investments Fund (OASIS), the company’s flagship renewable energy fund.

The fund invests in assets spanning wind, solar and energy storage, from initial development through construction to ongoing operations.

Rest, a super fund with assets totalling AUD$75 billion (£38.1bn) and boasting more than 1.9 million members has committed to this initiative.

This recent milestone secures Octopus Australia’s position as a manager of AUD $1 billion (£510m) in operating and construction assets, with an additional AUD$4.2 billion (£2.1bn) allocated to projects currently in development and AUD$1.3 billion (£660m) under exclusivity.

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