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Octopus takeover: 1.5m Bulb customers switched

Octopus Energy, the UK’s second-largest energy supplier, has successfully completed the migration of Bulb customers to its systems.

The transfer process began on 23rd December 2022, just two days after the official completion of the Bulb acquisition, and in less than six months, all 1.5 million Bulb customers were transitioned to Octopus accounts.

This development brings an end to the prolonged period of uncertainty for both Bulb’s customers and employees.

Every Bulb employee was offered a position at Octopus Energy and nearly 94% chose to stay.

Greg Jackson, Founder of Octopus Energy, said: “This outcome has been the best-case scenario for taxpayers, customers and Bulb’s team after the torrid period of uncertainty and risk prior to Octopus’s acquisition.

“Thanks to our experience, technology and a phenomenal effort by both teams, we delivered this transfer seamlessly and in record time, with barely any disruption to customers.”

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