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Opening of new Scottish battery to save households £41m

Zenobē has inaugurated a 50MW battery storage site in Wishaw, Scotland, aiming to address the issue of wasted renewable energy in the UK.

The site, part of the company’s £750 million portfolio, is set to double Scotland’s storage capacity in the next three years.

Capable of powering 130,000 homes for two hours, the battery is designed to minimise wind energy waste and save consumers £41 million in curtailment costs over 15 years.

It is the first of several storage projects planned by Zenobē to come online by 2026, injecting more than 1GW of storage capacity into Scotland’s energy grid.

Scottish Government Energy and the Environment Minister Gillian Martin said: “The Scottish Government is committed to reaching net zero by 2045.

“This major investment in storage facilities is already helping bring down energy bills and emissions and will play a crucial role in further decarbonising our energy system.”

James Basden, Co-Founder of Zenobē, said: “By capturing and storing excess energy with sites like Wishaw, we can power homes, buses and trucks with energy that would otherwise have been wasted.”

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