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Perovskite solar cells secure stability boost

Researchers from Pusan National University in South Korea have made advancements in enhancing perovskite solar cells, a potential successor to traditional silicon-based cells.

Their study, published in the Journal of Energy Chemistry, details the use of crown ether B18C6 for interfacial passivation, preventing lead leakage and perovskite degradation from moisture exposure.

In the coming five years, perovskite solar cell technology is predicted to potentially supplant silicon solar cells worldwide.

With the capability to boost photoelectric conversion efficiency to over 30% when combined with existing silicon cells, it holds promise for displacing fossil fuel-based energy sources.

Lead researcher Assistant Professor Ji-Youn Seo from the team said: “In ten years, this technology could be applied to the energy, display and semiconductor materials industries through the heterojunction structure.

“If leveraged effectively, it could lead to the development of high-efficiency hydrogen production devices, high-brightness, flexible displays, and the development of three-dimensional organic and inorganic semiconductor materials and devices, contributing to leading the advancement of high-tech nations.”

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